Five-Second Films

In February 2005, Cadillac held a five-second film contest to promote their new V-series which could apparently go zero-to-sixty in under five seconds.

My friend Paul Bances and I shot the following two very-short-shorts on hand-held digital video recorders. Neither of us had used cameras before, but we were screenwriting classmates at the New York Film Academy, and motivated, and the school gave us access to some editing software.
Both are films got noticed — they called each of us for releases, but neither placed in their respective categories. It’s all politics, you know. “The Undefeated” was in comedy. My “The Lovers” was in the more obscure drama category.

The Undefeated (.mp4) Written, directed and produced by Paul Bances. Starring Roman Skaskiw as the boxer.

The Lovers (.mp4) Written, directed and produced by Roman Skaskiw. Assistant producer: Paul Bances. Starring Paul Bances and Maria Geronimo as the star-crossed lovers.