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Saddam Hussein and the Dark Princes of Love

The third of my three novellas about the Iraq War on Amazon!

Prices-Cover-Front Princes-Cover-Back

“A subtle and utterly convincing portrait of manhood and friendship. Skaskiw knows the lures of war to be as innocent and concrete as they are dark and amorphous. In exploring a terrain of the intimate and familiar, he deftly reveals it to hold the same capacities for violence and betrayal found behind enemy lines.” – Katie Chase, author of Man and Wife

A Novelette about three Iraq War veterans on a camping trip, and those feelings of betrayal and relief when you leave the military.

A Look at Russian Civilization: Power, Truth, Trust, and War

The second of my two essays on Russia:

“Westerners must appreciate the abandon with which the Kremlin lies and stop being surprised by it. From the perspective of the Power Civilization, words are another weapon, and the tenancy to believe them and, even more so, act on them, is an exploitable weakness.”

Nine Lessons of Russian Propaganda

After visiting repeatedly, I moved to Ukraine from the United States in 2012. My parents had been born in Ukraine and taught me some of the language during my childhood in Queens, NY.

Being so close to Ukraine’s Maidan revolution and the subsequent Russian invasion gave me perspective on American perception of these events. The audacity and effectiveness of Russian propaganda has left me in utter awe. After two years of close observation, some strategies and motifs of Russian propaganda have become evident. Hopefully these lessons will lend some clarity on the information war which overlays the kinetic one. . . .

Have I become more devout?

Not exactly.

But long after my literal belief in the Bible waned, I’ve gained deep appreciation of what Christianity does for society. I believe in believing.