2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor — Ron Paul

  1. Nice reply! When I went to the South Carolina rally for Ron Paul, he mentioned the oath (which every member of Congress must take as well) and everyone really got into the “defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic” part. It was interesting to see the SC police officers’ faces turn red when everyone screamed “domestic.” That’s who we really need to be concerned about at this moment, and it’s interesting how few people realize that.

  2. impressively done – it’s hard to be that generous in responding to someone with his head so far up his ass. i am distinctly not in support of mr paul’s candidacy, but that doesn’t mean he’s “insane” (give me a break) or doesn’t have a great deal to contribute to the conversation.

    my favorite part of the stanford kid’s argument? “Postwar America has worked pretty well so far.” oh hell yes. everything’s fucking peachy.

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