Time to leave the illusions behind

This guest opinion was published in the Daily Iowan, Jan. 17th, 2007, and the Press Citizen, Jan. 23rd, 2007.

Time to leave the illusions behind

President Bush mentioned the Iraq Study Group report twice in his 20-minute speech touting the proposed increased troop level in Iraq. He stated that his plan to embed more American advisers in Iraqi Army units is consistent with the report.

Although that specific morsel of his new plan is indeed consistent with the report, his saying so creates the illusion of a broader consistency that simply is not there. Read more: (Daily Iowan | Press Citizen)

7 thoughts on “Time to leave the illusions behind

  1. Roman,

    I found your site via RangerAgainstWar (Ranger Jim and Lisa).

    Your site is great … keep up the great work.

    Picking up on your quote – “Since returning from Iraq two years ago, I’ve read voraciously on the subject of this war and the politics behind it.” – I’d like to offer a few links to you.

    There is a good chance you have seen all of this already – but you never know – right?

    From the U.S. Army War College:


    (The conclusions given on page 7 of 84 drive the point)

    Given that this was published in Feb. 2003 (and started in Oct. of 2002) – it is interesting that it was ignored.

    Another point of view, from an Iraqi.


    This was also published before the invasion.

    And from Rick Atkinson’s “In the Company of Soldiers”

    (In the voice of Atkinson)

    During the past month, Petraeus several times had posed a rhetorical question, which became a private joke between us: ‘Tell me how this ends.’

    I respect the fact the you are speaking out and writing the media.

    Good Luck.

    Killer Whale

  2. Emails exchange:

    When I read your opinion article last week I felt a chill fall over me. Not because I disagree with anything you wrote, but because of the reponse I was sure you would receive. The chill I felt is the result of the unfortunate conditioning we have been taught to never question Israel as an ally or its effect on US policy. It’s unfortunate that intellectual discourse is repressed this way. A quick Google search of Professor Balch shows where his interests lie. I’m surprised he didn’t just hit you with the big one and come out and label you an anti-semite.
    Looks like he busted out the “big one” after you wrote this email. Oh well. I was happy to see someone come to my defense. FYI: it was also printed in the Press Citizen. His response there was printed today — not quite as nasty as the one in the DI.

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -MLK

  3. I received this email from a U. of I. Professor:

    Many thanks for your informative op-ed piece in the Jan.23 Press-Citizen. You are not alone in seeing his underwear. Have you forwarded your statement to NPR, PBS NewsHour, NY Times, and John Mearsheimer at Uchicago.edu? I thought we had laws against representing other countries – but not dual citizenship.
    The Perle, et al. involvement in another country’s internal affairs was news to me, although I doubt it was news to Mearsheimer. Wonder if it was used as a reference in Mearsheimer’s paper with his Harvard colleague that caused such a stir. From Mearsheimer’s “Tragedy of Great Power Politics” (and one of his lectures last Spring), I can vouch that he documents what he says.
    Keep informed.
    xxx xxx, Ph.D.
    Emeritus Prof.

  4. Here is my reply to Professor Balch which, sadly, the Daily Iowan chose not to publish. They had already printed one reply, and, perhaps, didn’t want to appear bias.

    My Reply

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