The American Budget

My curiosity about the federal government, taxes, foreign policy, military spending, etc. led me to I bought the poster, and have since spent hours studying the administration’s discretionary budget proposal. It inspired the following guest opinion, published in the Daily Iowan on Feb 19th, 2007.

Demand better results from defense spending

We Americans, I think, do not generally consider ourselves militant. Our forces are all-volunteer. There is no sustained presence of uniformed soldiers in the streets, as exists in other nations. The ideals of peace, justice, and liberty feature prominently in both our history and folklore. We did not even keep a substantial standing army during peacetime for the first century and a half of our existence – the practice began in 1945.

For many, myself included, recent history runs contrary to what we thought we knew about ourselves. Read More

3 thoughts on “The American Budget

  1. Don’t forget about our huge deficit. We are borrowing 3 billion dollars a day. We are financed mainly by China and Japan. The UN even gave us a warning that we have to curtail our spending. If this was a real company, we would’ve filed for bankruptcy.

    We had a cold war, and after the cold war, we couldn’t stop spending on military goods. I believe there is a big corollary between increased spending on military and our basic rights. The more spending on military, the more freedoms of speech, rights and liberty are lost. We have lost the right of habeas corpus, now, get ready for a totalitarian state.

    Hail dictator W. Bush.

  2. why dont you concentrate on other things. We do not care about you studying and reading graphs. Is your life that empty? do you have such a lonely life? Spend more time with your family if you have one. I dont care for your obvious opinions about the governmet and its spending habits. If you dont like it move to Canada.

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