A Brief Tour of the Holy Land

Three bums touring the Holy Land

Well, almost a year after my tour of the Holy Land, I published the essay about my trip. It’s long – almost 8,000 words. Two fairly well-known magazines expressed interest, then said no. Finally, the great travel-writing website, GoNomad.com published it. I’m very proud of this essay.

A Brief Tour of the Holy Land

     Last summer, my friend Steffen and I decided to follow through on plans to visit Israel and the Palestinian Territories. We wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and went despite the war between Israel and Lebanon that had just begun.
     We happened to be Iraq veterans – in addition to fishing partners, drinking partners, each other’s wingmen, concerned citizens of the world, and students of the Arabic language, which was how we met at the University of Iowa. Officially, I was an M.F.A. student in the Writers’ Workshop. Steffen was moving to Jordan to continue studying Arabic, so it seemed a natural detour for him, and I still had deployment money left from my time in Iraq. I promised my mother to not get hurt, and to stay away from the actual fighting in Lebanon, Northern Israel, and Gaza. (more)

The Wall in Bethlehem

2 thoughts on “A Brief Tour of the Holy Land

  1. It was a very interesting read for me. I’m an Israeli from Tel-Aviv, and its thrilling to experience our region from different eyes. An interesting thing to notice is that The Wailing Wall (The ancient relic nicknamed The Wall) sounds just like the Wall of Separation (the Berlinesque thing we see you photographed next to, also nicknamed The Wall).
    I’m not sure why, but for most accounts of our region, and Tel-Aviv specifically, nobody, you included, doesnt seem to mention that Tel-Aviv is a pretty hip and modern metropolitan area, almost on par with other international urban centers. Or maybe I’m misleading myself.

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