Something Worth Fighting For

Hurray! I published a story. “Something Worth Fighting For” has appeared in the summer 2007 issue of Front Porch Journal.

This is the first story I put up for workshop at Iowa. I returned to it very slowly. Advice can be difficult.

Something Worth Fighting For

     “Did you ever kill anyone?” she asked. Then reconsidered. “I’m sorry, never mind.” She bit her glossy lip. “It’s just, I’m really interested, because it’s really interesting.” Her eyebrows arced high, and her dainty earrings dangled as she spoke.
     The young man twisted on his stool, as if working out a kink in his spine. It was dark, inside and out. The bar was nearly empty. The happy couples had long since left. Only a few desperate patrons still lingered.
     She said something else. And then something else.
     The young man nodded. She prattled on about the virtues of dissent, hooking and jabbing at him like a boxer, all the while keeping her dukes up, leaving no opening to exploit. He sat with polo shirt tucked into constricting wrinkle-free slacks.
     When he’d returned from the war a couple months ago, he learned two things: That his girlfriend whom he told not to wait for him, in fact, didn’t, and that life was very easy – mostly. The important things were easy. Going for a walk, for example. Eating. Sleeping.(more)

3 thoughts on “Something Worth Fighting For

  1. Dear Captain Skaskiw:

    I regret not posting this sooner, but I only just discovered that you have a blog. If you have not already seen it, I believe it will greatly interest you (and your readers) in regard to this topic:

    Please copy and paste it into your URL box if it does not live link.

    Thanks again for your service to our country. I’m a veteran, although Navy. (Hey, no one’s perfect; so let not our denominational differences divide us. I shall graciously overlook your decided lack of judgment, taste and refinement in regard to which branch you chose to enlist in.)

    Very best regards,

    Don Schneider

  2. I liked it. I haven’t read anything new lately that I like (I think the Lord of the Rings is dangerously modern :) ), but I liked this. It wasn’t about some meaningless, superficial adventure in the life of a data entry clerk.


  3. congratulations all over again, doll. i know i don’t have to tell you that this is really good.

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